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Recent Submissions

Rohan, Eduard , Heczko, Jan
Homogenization and numerical algorithms for two-scale modeling of porous media with self-contact in micropores

The paper presents two-scale numerical algorithms for stress–strain analysis of porous media featured by self-contact at pore level. The porosity is constituted as a periodic lattice generated by a representative cell consisting of elastic skeleton and a void pore. Unilateral frictionless co...

Camprová turjanicová, Jana
Mikrostrukturálně orientovaný model transportu iontů v porézním prostředí

The presented thesis focuses on the multiscale modeling of ionic transport in porous medium and its application to the modeling of cortical bone tissue. It considers two-phase material that consists of an incompressible electrolyte solution and a solid phase that is described by tw...

Krejčová, Milada
Mikromechanika na molekulární úrovni - molekulární motory, Maxwellův démon

My presented dissertation thesis aims to show possibilities and use statistical physics in biomechanics, especially for modelling a muscle on a molecular level (myosin II molecular motor) and its connection to the so-called Maxwell's demon. In the model, I use the Fokker-Planck equa...

Novák, Michal
Aspekty použitelnosti železobetonových konstrukcí, aplikace na panelové systémy

Research of existing knowledge about the properties of used building materials, the method of calculating the deformation of slab reinforced concrete structures with emphasis on the later application of loading, research and analysis of structures and methods of design according to applicabl...

Rendl, Jan , Byrtus, Miroslav , Dyk, Štěpán , Smolík, Luboš
Subcritical behaviour of short cylindrical journal bearings under periodic excitation

Rotating machinery supported on journal bearings is affected by forces due to rotating unbalance and pressure gradients in the oil film. The interaction of these forces can evoke nonlinear behaviour, including asynchronous motion and even chaos. This work attempts to characterise the su...