Katedra marketingu, obchodu a služeb / Department of Marketing, Trade and Services


Recent Submissions

Kochová, Eliška , Hommerová, Dita
Strategické marketingové plánování Chrámu chmele a piva

The article draws attention to the importance of marketing communication of non-profit organizations and is an example from practice of the strategic concept of marketing mix tools. It deals with the creation of a strategic marketing plan for the non-profit organization Hop and Bee...

Hirschauová, Edita , Kunešová, Hana
Voice commerce a live commerce jako nové trendy v B2C e-commerce

The B2C e-commerce market had to face recently to completely new challenges. The development of information and communication technologies, COVID-19, changes in consumer behavior, and other external factors have caused significant changes to the online environment. If sellers wanted to stay ...

Kupec, Michael
Personalizace internetu jako marketingový trend

The market is a key entity that sets the pace of change in various areas of business, not least marketing. The changes that have been taking place in the market over the last three decades mean that marketers need to stay up-to-date and in step with the&#...

Komorousová, Veronika , Jakubíková, Dagmar
Specifika marketingového strategického plánování v sektoru veřejné osobní dopravy – případová studie vybraného podniku

Due to the current development of the environment, new opportunities are opening up for public passenger transport. Along with this, strategic marketing management, especially the planning stage, is becoming more important. The aim of the article is to point out the specifics of th...

Cimler, Petr , Kiprý, Miroslav
Nákupní podmínky a chování zákazníků na českém venkově – výzkum ve vybraných obcích

This paper deals with the problematics of sustainability of purchasing conditions in the Czech countryside. It presents data on the level of equipment of the Czech Republic with capacities for the purchase of fast-moving consumer goods, or food, the availability of shopping ...