Katedra obchodního práva / Department of Commercial Law


Recent Submissions

Papež, Petr
Řádné a mimořádné opravné prostředky v civilním řízení

The institution of remedies in the Czech legal system is an important (if not necessary) part of the applica tion of the basic principles of legal certainty and predictability of the law and especially the right to a fair trial, not only within the framework o...

Bernardinová, Veronika
Ochrana oznamovatelů ve vztahu k obchodní korporaci

The aim of this article is to provide business corporations with practical guidance on how to comply with the obligations imposed by the Whistleblower Protection Act, thus eliminating the risks of damaging the business corporation's reputation in the eyes of the public and of&#...

Plch, Martin
Odpovědnost zhotovitele za vady díla

The article begins by describing the prerequisites for the contractor's liability for defects in the work, then focuses on the issue of completion of the work, describes what is generally considered to be a defect in the work and what types of defects there are, and&#...

Vodičková, Eva
Vývoj institutu úpadkového práva a jeho povaha

In the field of insolvency law is being fundamentally discussed the amendments. No other topic has so far been the subject of so many and significant changes as the bankruptcy law institute. After the fundamental novels, it was always possible to call for a new, fundament...

Vodičková, Eva
Neplatnost a neúčinnost právních jednání v insolvenčním řízení se zřetelem k soudobým judikaturním trendům

The article deals with the analysis of individual statutory provisions regulating the nullity and ineffectiveness of legal proceedings in insolvency proceedings, the analysis of the prerequisites of these legal institutes and their requirements. Due to this specific focus, the topic also dea...