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Recent Submissions

Waltr, Jan , Šlaufová, Eva
Výskyt travaříka Crambus hamella (Lepidoptera: Crambidae) v Česku

Distribution of Crambus hamella (Thunberg, 1788) in Czechia is summarized. This psammophilous species is listed as near threatened in the national Red List of Invertebrates. It has been known from seven faunistic squares in Czechia until now. The recent records of C. hamella in...

Duffek, Václav , Průcha, Tomáš , Vočadlová, Klára
Využití sférických fotografií ve výuce na VŠ

Virtual reality is slowly making its way into the educational process today. One of the ways to convey educational content to students in virtual reality is by using panospheres. However, virtual reality is still not widely used in schools, probably due to the lack of tea...

Mergl, Michal
The earliest Cyrtina (Brachiopoda, Cyrtinidina) in the Devonian of the Barrandian (Czech Republic)

The earliest known Cyrtina in the Prague Basin has been discovered in the Kotýs Limestone of the Lochkov Formation (Lochkovian) among a rich brachiopod-coral fauna at Branžovy ridge near Bubovice (Beroun District, Czechia). Rare and imperfectly preserved silicified shells are assigned to...

Neupane, Bijaya , Dhami, Bijaya , Bista, Shreyashi , Sadadev, Bipana Maiya , Regmi, Siddahartha , Shrestha, Sami , Shrestha, Bikram , Traxmandlová, Iva , Varachova, Sona , Kindlmann, Pavel
Ecological Factors Determining Barking Deer Distribution and Habitat Use in the Mid-Hills of Nepal

Barking deer is found in dense tropical and subtropical forests of Asia. It is listed as “least concerned” by the International Union of Conservation of Nature and as “vulnerable” in Nepal, where it is also protected. Due to the habitat loss and fragmentation by human act...

Mergl, Michal
Devonský koněpruský útes jako cíl geologické exkurze