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Sopková, Eva , Raškovská, Katarína
The implementation of the concept of corporate social responsibility in the area of income tax in the Slovak republic

The concept of corporate social responsibility is an answer to social and economic challenges that national economies are facing in the (post-)crisis period. There is a revaluation of the present principles of business based on achieving profit. Corporate social responsibility i...

Pathirawasam, Chandrapala , Král, Miloš
Momentum effect and market states: emerging market evidence

This paper examines the momentum effect in Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) from January 1995 to December 2008. The sample of the study includes all the voting stocks traded at CSE. Stocks are selected for the strategies implemented in this study based on their returns ...

Žambochová, Marta
Typology of foreign students interested in studying at czech universities

This paper undertakes and investigates some marketing segmentations of those students wishing to study abroad and the economic potential of such resulting segmentation within the individual groups. Three algorithms were employed as classification trees – CART, CHAID and QUEST for �...

Bachmann, Pavel
Vybrané problémy transparentnosti českého neziskového sektoru

Current development of non-profit sector is causing enhanced need for non-profit organizations transparency. Most frequent legal form among Czech non-profit organizations is civic association; it represents nine tenths of all Czech non-profits. Therefore, the aim of presented study was to&...

Simeonov, Ognyan , Lambovska, Maya
A suggestion about potentialities for the SWOT analysis’s development concerning threats

Emphasizing merits of the SWOT analysis, its insufficient methodical provision, as its main disadvantage, is diagnosed in the introduction of the article. The conclusion is drawn that this ...

Jermář, Milan
Rozvoj znalostního potenciálu firem: inspirace pro management lidských zdrojů

Goal of this paper is to notify of the research which was focused on demands in the area of knowledge potential development of firms. Knowledge as a part of companies’ ...

Stříteská, Michaela , Svoboda, Ondřej
Survey of performance measurement systems in czech companies

In recent years growing attention has been paid to the study of performance measurement systems as effective instruments for organisation’s performance improvement. The paper presents findings of exploratory research related to the currently existing performance measurement systems characteris...

Minařík, Jakub , Kraftová, Ivana
Lékařská praxe jako objekt oceňování

In connection with the reform of the Czech healthcare system after 1990, the problem of closure of the business activities of practitioners, who are retiring, is needed to solve. The generation replacement of practitioners should be...

Jáč, Ivan
Rizika odhadu úspěšnosti investice při alternativním scénáři vývoje ekonomiky

The goal of the Article is focused on evaluating an investment project as a planned project. The first charter concerns a theoretical part, in which there are described a theory of decision making on investment, investment projects and their preparations and possibilities ho...

Bednaříková, Zuzana , Jílková, Jiřina
Why is the agricultural lobby in the European union member states so effective?

This paper tries to answer the question‘ what is the power of the agricultural lobby, as the interest group which causes that EU member states continue to invest in a costly and ineffective agricultural policy. Mediating ...

Pražák, Pavel
Modely vzniku a eliminace ekonomických regionálních disparit jako úlohy optimálního řízení

The paper deals with two issues related to the existence of regions and their economic development. While the first problem concerns the issue of the possible emergence of regional disparities, the second one solves the contrary, the possibility of reducing the existing regi...

Švarcová, Jena , Gabrhel, Vít
Vzdělanostní aspirace a vzdělanostní mobilita studentů středních škol v České republice

The issue of educational aspirations and educational mobility of young people in the Czech Republic is a hot topic, because due to demographic changes numerically weak classes come to high schools. Tomas Bata University in Zlín, Facu...

Záznamy kolekce (řazeno podle Datum zaslání v sestupně pořadí): 1 až 12 z 12