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Vondra, Marek
Enhanced sensing by using noise measurement with polypyrrole-coated QCM

Quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) represents highly sensitive sensor for a detection of chemical substances. QCM-based gas sensors are widely utilized as a result of their robust nature, availability and affordable interface electronics. There are several mechanisms that are related to fluctuatio...

Veselý, Václav
Extended comparison study on merging PCAP files

Different formats of PCAP (Packet CAPtures) files are nowadays widely used for storing computer network communications. This paper outlines information about PCAP formats with focus on packets precise timing and order. In thjs paper we compare capabilities of different open-source tools for&...

Dallaeva, Dinara , Bilalov, Bilal , Tománek, Pavel
Theoretical and experimental investigation of SiC thin films surface

This study describes morphology and structure of SiC thin films which are grown up by sublimation epitaxy in vacuum on the 6H-SiC substrates with thickness from tens of nanometers up to units of micrometers. Fashioned films are quite uniform in surface and volume. The crystal&...

Šolc, František , Baránek, Radek
Attitude control of multicopter

This article deals with the problem of attitude control of multicopters. At first the basic properties of multicopters are described. Regarding the attitude control, representation of attitude and computation of errors using rotation matrices are mentioned. Since the dynamics of rotation mot...

Bernáth, František , Mastný, Petr
Power factor compensation of photovoltaic power plant

Handling with photovoltaic (PV) power plant from point of view of its reacting with network is a key factor considering its integration into electricity supply system (ESS). PV plant is a special form of dispersed sources which are able to affect electric parameters far from&#...

Bendl, Jaroslav , Zendulka, Jaroslav
System for functional annotation of single nucleotide polymorphisms

Single nucleotide polymorphisms are the substitution of one nucleotide in the DNA sequence that may or may not have phenotypic consequences. Here we describe a new system for ranking non-synonymous protein substitutions by their deleterious effects. The computational core of the proposed...

Záznamy kolekce (řazeno podle Datum zaslání v sestupně pořadí): 1 až 6 z 6