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Krýsl, Miroslav
Framework pro analýzu závislostí softwarových artefaktů

This thesis aims to familiarize with the component-based systems, graph data representation and analysis and with existing methods and tools for static analysis of component-based systems which are being developed at the Department of Computer Science at the University of West Bohemia i...

Květoň, Tomáš
Trasovací systém uživatelů mobilních zařízení

This thesis describes a complex solution of a system for tracking the location of mobile devices, which is based on the client-server model. The document describes the client app running on mobile devices where the necessary data are projected onto ...

Šťáva, Oto
Automatický překladač jazyka Blason

In heraldry, a blazon is a formal textual description of a coat of arms or another heraldic emblem. The description must be concise and at the same time unambiguous enough so that an author aware of its rules is able to reproduce the described emblem as accurately&#x...

Jirák, Václav
Proces verzování a modulární Git klient pro vývoj počítačových her

In the first part of this thesis, the specifics of game development related to version control are identified. Based on these specifics and the analysis of common versioning processes, a simple versioning process for game development is then designed. Furthermore, a solution in the...

Honzík, Václav
Multi-modální zpracování dokumentů

Multi-modal document processing is an area of computer science that focuses on analyzing, understanding, and extracting valuable information from documents that contain multiple types of data. In this work, our main objective is to perform document layout analysis using both visual and ...