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Müller, Luděk
Detekce hudby a řeči v rozhlasových nahrávkách

This thesis aims to design and experimentally test a new optimal method of a voice-activity-detector, which should add successfully solve the task of automatically determining the beginnings and ends of radio broadcasts programs for the purpose of their seamless display on the&#x...

Honzík, Tomáš
Kvasinkové systémy pro programovatelnou degradaci proteinů

The design of multicellular biological yeast circuits usually relies on pheromone signaling. It is well established to use natural mating signaling as a~backbone of the information transmission from one cell to another. Such designs typically use an activated form of the transcription f...

Malina, Milan
Návrh, realizace a automatické řízení prototypu bezpilotního letounu

The master's thesis Design, assembly and automatic control of unmanned aerial vehicle prototype is divided into eight sections. First, construction of a mode aircraft is described. Second, the development of avionics components of this aircraft is described. That is followed ...

Železný, Tomáš
Popis obrázků pomocí metod hlubokého učení

In this work, I discuss an automatic image captioning technique based on an existing method Oscar. Using a Faster-R-CNN detection network, I pre-process the images so that they can be further used by Oscar. By combining these two methods, I create a pipeline that allows m...

Váverka, Jan
Design of a Cable-Driven parallel manipulator for pick&place applications

In this thesis the theory and construction of a wire robot is discussed, in- cluding the analysis of the workspace, inverse and forward kinematic tasks, trajectory generation, software model and constructing a physical model to show the theory in the real world.

Varáčková, Andrea
Návrh systému bezznačkové rozšířené reality

This diploma thesis deals with marker-less augmented reality (AR). The scope of this thesis is to introduce and explain AR, use of it and methods used for its creation. Those methods include feature detectors and descriptors, feature tracking through individual frames, visual odometry,&...

Šafránek, Vojtěch
Mobilní aplikace fotoaparátu využívající prvky umělé inteligence

In my diploma thesis I deal with the design and develop of a camera application for mobile devices with the Android operating system. The application will use the key points in the slides for different types of tasks. The application will remove the objects in movement&#x...

Kučera, Martin
Genetické algoritmy v úloze obchodního cestujícího

The subject of this diploma thesis is genetic algorithms. Genetic algorithms are a type of random search supported by a heuristic in the form of a fitness function that imitates the natural process of evolution. We will analyze their performance in the travelling salesman prob...

Sieber, Matěj
Analýza stavu stolního fotbálku a predikce jeho změny na základě obrazových dat

This work aims to design an agent to play a mechatronic model of table football. This work is divided into two parts theoretical and practical. The theoretical part of this work presents reinforcement learning methods, a simulation environment in ROS in combination with Gazebo,...

Straka, Jakub
Automatická detekce pózy člověka pomocí neuronových sítí

This thesis addresses human pose estimation using neural networks. The first part describes methods based on convolutional neural networks and methods based on transformer architecture, which have been successfully used to solve this problem. In the second part, a model is chosen...

Klečka, Adam
Klasifikace činností z video nahrávek

This work deals with the task of action recognition from video recordings. The I3D method was chosen to solve this task. This metod inflates convolutional neural networks so that they can work with spatio-temporal information stored in videos. The ResNet50 model was chosen as ...

Jandík, Martin
Návrh manipulátorů pro řízení autonomního pohybu hráčů stolního fotbalu

The main goal of this diploma thesis is the design and subsequent implementation of manipulators for controlling the autonomous movement of table football players. In the introduction we will focus on the familiarization of mechatronic systems and the connection of the role of syst...

Andrlík, Pavel
Čtení textů pomocí metod hlubokého učení

This diploma thesis deals with the problem of optical character recognition (OCR) using neural networks. I am focusing on improving text detection and OCR by fine-tuning an E2E-MLT scene text detector by training it on synthetic data which emulates real data. The model was fin...

Macek, Ondřej
Klasifikace dokumentů s částečnou informací od učitele

The thesis deals with the semi-supervised document classification. The theoretical part covers the basics of machine learning and defines the space for semi-supervised learning methods between supervised and unsupervised learning. Furthermore, sections of semi-supervised learning methods and document class...

Frémund, Adam
Porozumění řeči založené na neuronových sítích

This master thesis deals with the use of artificial neural networks for natural language processing. In recent years, models with the Transformer architecture have become widely used in this field of artificial intelligence. It is these models and their structure that are thoroughly...

Švec, Josef
Návrh řídicího systému inspekčního autonomního vozidla

This thesis deals with design of wheeled inspection robot control system using ROS framework. The task of the robot is to visit autonomously points of interest, which can be defined in the created user interface. The thesis contains a complete description of the used rob...

Polák, Filip
Reprezentace stavu hlasových dialogových systémů

Spoken dialogue systems offer a possibility of communication between a~person and a computer. The communication can make a life easier not only for handicaped people (with blindess, physical disability) but also for people in their everyday lives, e.g. making a reservation in a res...

Kuhajda, Lukáš
Omezení šumu signálu v genetických přepínačích

Using neural networks with a newly designed structure, the master thesis replaces unreliable expert methods for inserting regulatory sites into promoters. This is the first use of artificial intelligence to modify promoters in this way. Newly structured models of neural networks were cr...

Vyskočil, Jiří
Rozpoznávání typů scén zpravodajských pořadů z obrazových dat

Researchers of the Department of Cybernetics at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen in cooperation with SpeechTech s.r.o. have developed a system, which automatically subtitles live broadcasts for Czech Television. The aim of this thesis is to extend the system for the "U...

Hofmann, Ota
Vývoj vizualizačního prostředí pro úlohu vibrační diagnostiky\\ lopatek

The diploma thesis deals with the monitoring of vibrations of steam turbine blades. Based on the knowledge associated with this issue, software was created for offline analysis of these vibrations. The resulting application was developed with the support of Logic Elements s...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 168