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Recent Submissions

Gudovich, Andrei
Realizace elektronkového zesilovače pro kytaru

This bachelor thesis deals with the implementation of a low-frequency tube amplifier for electric guitar. The aim of the diploma thesis is determination of the requirements for the techni cal parameters of the guitar tube amplifier and the implementation of equipment that &#...

Bartůněk, David
Vývoj otáčkoměru pro elektrický pohon

In the bachelor theses the sensors for measuring speed and angle are described. Furthermore, the work focuses on the development of hardware for IRC sensor, by selecting suitable components and their connections. The signal transmission between the sensor and the microcontroller is carr...

Hubač, Robert
Širokopásmová dielektrická spektroskopie jako moderní diagnostická technika pro hodnocení dielektrických vlastností pevných a kapalných elektroizolačních materiálů

This bachelor's thesis is focused on dielectric measurement using broadband dielectric spectroscopy method. This modern method is confined between electrical engineering, materials science and chemistry field. Its aim is to obtain and evaluate dielectric spectra, which represents frequency and tem...

Háže, Daniel
Samouzdravující polymery a jejich perspektiva v elektrotechnice

This thesis aims to investigate the strategies and application possibilities that are used in the field of self-healing polymers in electrical engineering, which is increasingly involved in modern material engineering. The first chapter is devoted to basic terms in the field of polymers...

Šedivec, Jiří
Systém na ovládání miniaturních robotů

Objectives of this bachelor thesis were to study options of object path planning in the area, develop a user interface for miniature robot control and program path planning algorithms. At the time when the thesis was assigned, the robot control was very limited. All the t...