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Koua, Kadio Ettien Jean , Kuthan, Jiří , Juřík, Martin , Vítek, Martin , Mach, František
Magnetic actuation of miniature robots on planar surfaces: Mathematical modeling and estimation of parameters

Magnetic actuation methods for miniature robots are widely used thanks to their massive applications for precise micro-manipulations in inaccessible or hardly accessible environments, including medical and biological operations. The system studied is composed of miniature robots with permanent magnets ...

Orosz, Tamás , Pánek, David , Rassölkin, Anton , Kuczmann, Miklos
Robust Design Optimization of Electrical Machines and Devices

The article introduces a Special Issue (SI) of the journal Electronica that contains fourteen chosen articles from robust design optimization of electrical machines and devices. Optimization is essential for the research and design of electro-mechanical devices, especially electrical machines. Finding...

Mayer, Daniel
A New Way of Protection of the Transmission Power System Against the Effects of Magnetic Storms

Severe collapses caused by anomalies in the Earth's magnetosphere, known as geomagnetic storms, have been reported in the operation of transmission power systems. A semi-saturating phenomenon occurs in which geomagnetic currents are induced very in high voltage lines, which cause the pow...

Karban, Pavel , Pánek, David , Orosz, Tamás , Petrášová, Iveta , Doležel, Ivo
FEM based robust design optimization with Agros and Artap

Two powerful and versatile code packages (Agros Suite and Artap) are presented for design and optimization of technical devices and systems. Agros Suite represents an environment for numerical solution of systems consisting of partial differential equations (PDEs) of the second order by ...

Abushamah, Hussein Abdulkareem Sale , Mašata, David , Müller, Michael , Škoda, Radek
Economics of reusing spent nuclear fuel by Teplator for district heating applications

The Teplator is a nuclear heat-only reactor under development in the Czech Republic, which uses already irradiated spent nuclear fuel (SNF). This study aims to assess the feasibility of integrating this technology with district heating systems (DHSs) compared with other heating technologies....

Pánek, David , Orosz, Tamás , Karban, Pavel , Gnawa, Deubauh Cedrick Dassran , Keshmiri Neghab, Hamid
Performance comparison of quantized control synthesis methods of antenna arrays

There is a great potential in small satellite technology for testing new sensors, processes, and technologies for space applications. Antennas need careful design when developing a small satellite to establish stable communication between the ground station and the satellite. This work is&#x...

Sivera, Richard , Stašek, Petr , Vorlíček, Jakub , Calta, Lukáš , Kropík, Petr , Karban, Pavel
Advanced paraglider simulator control system

Control systems for every simulator have to be fast and precise. These are exact properties that are needed when designing a paraglider simulator. With it’s complex set of controls and complicated aerodynamics physics, paraglider simulator requires a very precise system to mimic it’s&#x...

Stašek, Petr , Karban, Pavel
Kinematics of the movement of the pilot of a paraglider simulator

This paper deals with kinematics and the design and implementation of the paraglider simulator drives. Part of this article contains the necessary calculations, that are important for the mechanical design and manufacture of drives. There are given reasons which led to using 3D pri...

Mayer, Daniel
Protection of power transformers against the effect of magnetic storms

In the operation of large-scale power systems for the long-distance transmission of large amounts of electricity, a number of cases have been reported in which anomalies in the Earth’s magnetosphere, referred to as geomagnetic storms, have caused a severe system collapse. Changes in...

Veg, Lukáš , Kaska, Jan , Skalický, Martin , Pechánek, Roman
A complex study of stator tooth-coil winding thermal models for PM synchronous motors used in electric vehicle applications

The operational reliability and high efficiency of modern electrical machines depend on the ability to transfer heat in the construction parts of the machine. Therefore, many authors study various thermal models and work on the development of effective heat dissipation. New insights and...

Orosz, Tamás , Rassolkin, Anton , Kallaste, Ants , Arsenio, Pedro , Pánek, David , Kaska, Jan , Karban, Pavel
Robust design optimization and emerging technologies for electrical machines: challenges and open problems

The bio-inspired algorithms are novel, modern, and efficient tools for the design of electrical machines. However, from the mathematical point of view, these problems belong to the most general branch of non-linear optimization problems, where these tools cannot guarantee that a global ...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 11 of 11