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Kučerová, Viktorie

For my diploma thesis I created a fairy a site-specific installation. It is a mythical creature, which looks gentle at first sight but in fact it hides a predator. It is a plaster sculpture made by lifecasting process. The sculpture is covered with fla...

Ježková, Sylva
Fenigma - interaktivní VR instalace s herními prvky

Fenigma is a digital interactive installation for computers. It includes optional virtual reality support. Main theme of the project is demystifying womanhood with the help of interactivity. The player is expected to solve simple puzzles to progress through the scenes. The narrative mak...

Poláček, Robert

I designed and developed application for augmented reality headset HoloLens 2. The application can visualize low fidelity prototype of environment (such as urban district). User can grab virtual objects by hand and transform them or build any scene from scratch using basic assets l...

Tománek, Jan

Moball v2 is a 3D mobile game inspired by medieval football. Developed in Unity game engine mainly for iOS platforms like cell phone and tablet devices with touch screens of Apple brand.

Piňos, Daniel

From the beginning, the aim of this thesis was not to create one final work, but rather a platform for visualizing the various types of interactions that underpin it. Thus, the outcome will be a performance that will take place directly during the defense and will lo...

Kratochvílová, Linda

In this work, I deal with my contrasting ways of life, which I link together through a series of videos. In the form of exaggeration, I combine my individual interests. Very important role in my work is played by people's impressions and prejudices regarding my person...

Bartovský, Pavel
Hororový film

My thesis Horror film deals with the overall description of this not only cinematic legendary genre. Including a description of individual subgenres and a description of the type of narration and film language used in them. Next, an analysis of selected films, and not just...

Vlček, Matěj
Autorské video

ELIZA is an author's video. It is a combination of a short movie and a music video. What is reality? Who am I? These are the main questions to ask after watching. This video looks into the deepest areas of mind. It depicts the possible future of humankind&#x...

Lubas, Martin
"Méně je více." M. van der Rohe

Set of nine minimalist brooches made of glass steel with magnetic mechanism.

Rýdlová, Eliška

A comic book Knihomol (Bookworm in english) tells a story about writer who is struggling to finish his next book. He's trying to find his happiness in alcohol and he takes out his frustration on his old neighbor who likes to feed pigeons. The writer undergoes a&#...

Benešová, Daniela

The outcome of this final project consists of two audiovisual works. These two projects are connected by the question of identity and the depiction of the creative process. The question of identity has accompanied me throughout my five-year studies in the New Media ateliér. Th...

Sofka, Vojtěch

Theme for my Diploma work is: Experimental graphic methods in ilustration. I was very unsuccessful with work on my original ideas. I ended up artisticly exhausted, uninspired and at the verge of colapse. So I came with new angle and I turned my failure and feeling of...

Kuchynková, Sára

Dance, my doll! is a photocomic of 72 pages, created using puppets a props that i made. The book is bound in Coptic binding. The story tells about the life of a wild and domestic fairy. This is a work with a dreamy, fairy-tale atmosphere.

Laznová, Tereza

My diploma thesis involves the realization of a book with my own invented story. This is a story about the natives who find a phone in their territory that falls from a plane - as soon as they meet the technology it immediately consumes them. One of...

Kastner, Leoš
Historický film

The Outlaw is a historical and adventurous feature film set in 1278 after the fall of the czech king Otokar II. of Bohemia. The story follows the life journey of Ulrich of Ruppau, a knight who finds himself in a devastated country after returning from the Ninth ...

Mrázek, Robin

A short hand drawn animation film about a boy who's afraid of water.

Mikhin, Aleksandr
Film - Comfortable Guy

Student film that we created with Arseniy Aleinik. This film tells the story of a young skateboarder who presents himself as a secret agent. Battles, intrigues, and romantic adventures with Sasha take the viewer on an exciting journey to the very end. I performed&...

Petáková, Anna

My intention with this work is to respond to the issue of lack of time, which each of us copes with according to our own abilities. I have always been aware in some way that time is a very precious commodity, but by my last year in college, awareness b...

Kopecká, Soňa
Memento mori

In my final piece, I decided to work with the idea of memento mori. Remember death, also remember the transience of your being. I took the ancient idea of the combination of poison and jewelry and rendered it in its current form. Hand in hand with traditional he...

Fridrichová, Aneta
Pod hladinou

The Ocean offers the last wildlife in the world. It is a mysterious and undiscovered place, which includes so much beauty, colors, unusual shapes, and extraordinary forms of life. Every organism is somehow unique - its way of life, color, shape, duplicating, mask...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 245