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Recent Submissions

Januška, Martin , Palacká, Alena
Critical Success Factors for Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions in Central Europe: Empirical Study

This article aims to evaluate critical success factors in the use of the Public Procurement for Innovations (PPI) concept. The first part of the article deals with a systematic research literature review on the topic of critical success factors for PPI. In the second part,...

Nosková, Marta , Taušl Procházková, Petra , Machová, Kristýna
Assessment of Non-financial Reports in the Context of Circular Economy: The Case of Czech Large Companies

The attention to environmental protection, sustainability, CSR, circular economy, and other related concepts became increasingly important to economies and their businesses nowadays, especially at the EU level. The upcoming Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD, Directive 2022/2464) which requ...

Kochová, Eliška , Hommerová, Dita
Strategické marketingové plánování Chrámu chmele a piva

The article draws attention to the importance of marketing communication of non-profit organizations and is an example from practice of the strategic concept of marketing mix tools. It deals with the creation of a strategic marketing plan for the non-profit organization Hop and Bee...

Vorobljevová, Veronika , Novotná, Marie
Development of Business Activities in Peripheral Parts of Rural Areas, Western Bohemia

The aim of this paper is to assess the development of business activities in the Czech countryside in the period from 2008 to the present and to show possible limitations and perspectives of this area. The research was conducted by analysing economic entities located in r...

Versal, Nataliia , Balytska, Mariia , Honchar, Ihor , Erastov, Vasyl
Financial literacy and financial well-being: the case of Eastern, Central, and Northern Europe

Nowadays, financial literacy is an integral part of education in many countries because of its positive influence on financial inclusion, and financial well-being of households is supposed. In this study, attention is focused on finding out which components of financial literacy ...