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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Polomnožiny a emergence v umělé inteligenciRomportl, Jan
2010A priori and a posteriori machine learning and nonlinear artificial neural networksZelinka, Jan; Romportl, Jan; Müller, Luděk
2008Prosodic phrases and semantic accents in speech corpus for czech TTS synthesisRomportl, Jan
2007Prosody modelling in czech text-to-speech synthesisRomportl, Jan; Kala, Jiří
2004Recent improvements on ARTIC: czech text-to-speech systemMatoušek, Jindřich; Romportl, Jan; Tihelka, Daniel; Tychtl, Zbyněk
2007Recording and annotation of speech corpus for czech unit selection speech synthesisMatoušek, Jindřich; Romportl, Jan
2003Sentence boundary detection in czech TTS system using neural networksRomportl, Jan; Tihelka, Daniel; Matoušek, Jindřich
2011Several aspects of machine-driven phrasing in text-to-speech systemsRomportl, Jan; Matoušek, Jindřich
2012Slovak unit-selection speech synthesis: creating a new slovak voice within a czech TTS system ARTICMatoušek, Jindřich; Tihelka, Daniel; Romportl, Jan; Psutka, Josef
2008Speech synthesis and emotions: a compromise between flexibility and believabilityZovato, Enrico; Romportl, Jan
2014Speech synthesis and uncanny valleyRomportl, Jan
2008Statistical evaluation of prosodic phrases in the czech languageRomportl, Jan
2008Statistical evaluation of reliability of large scale listening testsTihelka, Daniel; Romportl, Jan
2006Structural data-driven prosody model for TTS synthesisRomportl, Jan
2007Umělé myšlení a kauzální paradox emergentních systémůRomportl, Jan