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Recent Submissions

Janková, Markéta
Solární fotokalytické nanokompozitní materiály pro degradaci organických látek připravené pulsní laserovou depozicí

This thesis investigates the possibility of using photocatalytic properties of oxide nanoparticles for the decomposition of organic residues in wastewater. In the research part the current state of water streams and the possibilities of their treatment are described. In the experimental part...

Doležalová, Kamila
Sklo-keramické porézní kostní náhrady na bázi fosforečnanu vápenatého

The diploma thesis is divided into the theoretical and experimental parts. The theoretical part contains the description of ceramic biomaterials, with a focus on porous ceramic materials, their properties and manufacturing techniques. The types of calcium phosphate, their chemical-physical properties&...

Bartl, Adam
Konstrukce jednoduchého hydraulického zvedáku pro osobní automobily.

Bachelor's thesis contains design of a hydraulic car jack for personal cars with weight under 2 tons, based on the use of the weldment superstructure on a pallet truck and the calculation of strength and rigidity of the weldment using computer simulation.

Jirkal, Jakub
Inovace válců pro pásové dopravníky

The bachelor's thesis focuses on the innovation of rollers for belt conveyors in terms of functionality and technological design. The roll innovation will be focused mainly on the weight of the roll assembly and on the unconventional torque transmission. Two variants were designed,&...

Sýkorová, Lucie
Ekonomická analýza rozdílu použití konvenční a aditivní výroby

The diploma thesis focuses on the creation of an economic analysis of the difference between the use of conventional and additive manufacturing. The theoretical part of the work includes familiarization with the background for understanding additive manufacturing. The practical part c...