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Recent Submissions

Hanzlová, Karolína
Politické důsledky válečných zločinů v syrské občanské válce

This thesis is focused on the way, how syrian war has influenced the position of Syria in the region and in the international political system. Civil war has many aspects and this work is all around the issue of war crimes, that has been committed during the con...

Pečený, Michal
Vztahy napoleonské Francie a qádžárovského Íránu

The objective of this study was to analyse Franco-Iranian relations during the Napoleonic era and reign of the Qajar dynasty. After introduction of the history of Franco-Iranian relations before the rise of the Qajar dynasty the relations after 1795 were discussed. In 1796, French&...

Matala, Matouš
Zdroje zemního plynu státu Izrael a jejich využití

The diploma thesis deals with the impact of Israel's discoveries of natural gas deposits in the Eastern Mediterranean. Specifically, the transformation of the Israeli economy in the context of natural gas extraction as a strategic raw material for Israel's energy self-sufficiency. Th...

Boukalová, Alena
Severní Mezopotámie ve třetím předkřesťanském tisíciletí, zejména na základě vykopávek na lokalitě Tell Brak

This thesis deals with the territory of northern Mesopotamia in the the era of the 3rd millennium BC. Firstly, the region of Mesopotamia and its development from the earliest settlement to the 16th century BC is briefly characterized. Furthermore, its borders are indicated, a...

Chupíková, Veronika
Vývoj iráckého Kurdistánu po roce 2017

The thesis focuses on the development of Iraqi Kurdistan from 2017 until 2023. It explains how important the year 2017 was for Kurdistan when the referendum on independence was held, which had a strong impact on the future of the Kurdish region. It describes the current&#...