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Štika, Martin
Náklady exekuce de lege lata a de lege ferenda

The dissertation deals with the issue of costs of execution. According to the Execution Code, an executor performs execution and other activities for a fee. The income of the bailiff from execution and other activities is regulated by the execution tariff. At the same time,&#x...

Hobl, Jaroslav
Právní důsledky rozvodu rodičů na poměry nezletilého dítěte

This dissertation deals with family law, while it more closely focuses on the issue of legal consequences of parents' divorce on relations of a minor child in the Czech legal system. The content primarily consists of substantive and procedural issues of the adjustment of r...

Chaloupka, Roman
Mobiliární exekuce v kontextu moderní doby a její dopad na život povinného

The dissertation deals with the performance of movable execution in the current concept and mainly deals with the analysis of its impact on the debtor's life.

Plch, Martin
Proč vyjít z řady a uzavřít dědickou smlouvu?

The article describes one of the inheritance titles, which is almost unused in practice, namely the contract of inheritance. The purpose of the article is to briefly describe the basic characteristics of this inheritance title, its advantages and disadvantages, and on the basis of&...

Knaizl, Zdeněk
Věc v právním smyslu v kontextu historického vývoje a jeho současná reflexe v exekučním právu

In this paper, a description of the historical development of understanding the institution of thing and its definition to provide a current analysis and handling of the term thing in the Civil Code is provided. The expert paper maps the legal definition of thing in a...