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Recent Submissions

Hložek, Josef
Současná archeologie na Pražském hradě. Rozhovor s Janou Maříkovou-Kubkovou o nejvýznamnější opevněné lokalitě v Čechách

Černá, Lenka
Reflexe sociální organizace a symboliky v období zvoncovitých pohárů na příkladu pohřebiště Hoštice I za Hanou

This paper focuses on exploration of “hidden” structures at one of the largest cemetery of the Bell Beaker culture – Hoštice I za Hanou in Moravia. This site consists of 157 graves with 143 detected individuals and represents equal ratio for male and female graves. On...

Gojda, Martin
The Potential of Aerial Reconnaissance in the Detection, Mapping and 3D Reconstruction Modelling of Crop-Marked Military Components of Bohemia’s Postmedieval and Early Industrial Landscape

From the 17th to the 19th century, a score of military events, campaigns and battles took place in the Czech lands, leaving numerous traces and distinctly changing the appearance of the cultural landscape in some regions. This paper is an attempt to critically evaluate these&#...

Hrubá, Hana
Pozdně středověká keramika v jihozápadních Čechách

The thesis deals with kitchen and table pottery of the High- and Late Middle Ages in southwestern Bohemia. In terms of chronology whole time range is divided into two periods: first period covers time range from the second half of 13th century to the first half of&#x...

Chlevišťan, Jiří
Archeologie a vývoj lodní dopravy v pravěké Evropě. Historie, metody, prameny

Dissertation thesis is focused on prehistoric boat within european continent. There was gathered boat from teritory of 17 countries which was dated max. to 5th century BC or halstatt period. Attention was paid to chronological typological aspects of these boats, mainly to artefacts ...