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Recent Submissions

Pichova, Simona , Cernohorsky, Jan , Kacerova, Markéta , Zila, Jan
A critique of quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve System and the European Central Bank

The application of quantitative easing tools by certain central banks has been and continues to be the subject of professional debate. Therefore, this paper aims to assess an alternative scenario to the use of quantitative easing. We have used counterfactual analysis to estimate GD...

Srinivasan, Kuppusamy , Karthikeyan, Parthasarathy
Investigating self-efficacy and behavioural bias on investment decisions

The determinants of irrational decisions on the stock market are found in numerous empirical studies. However, self-efficacy and behavioural biases have a sturdy influence on stock market investment decisions. Behavioural biases are formed with heuristics, prospect theory and herding effect conce...

Burda, Tomas , Zidova, Veronika , But, Tetiana
Optimising public transport to increase tourist flows

The paper proposes ways to optimise public transport in order to increase tourist flows to four well-known tourist destinations in the Czech Republic, namely Český Krumlov, Jánské Lázně, Lednice and Macocha, during the spring and autumn seasons. It was found that the quality of...

Stefko, Robert , Gavurova, Beata , Olearov, Maria , Bacik, Radovan , Nebesky, Lubomir
Extended model of mobile shopping acceptance: An empirical study of consumer behaviour

Although the popularity of mobile commerce is on the rise, mobile shopping is still not widely accepted in Slovakia. Therefore, research and knowledge in this area is insufficient. Based on two research models which explain human behavior (theory of reasoned action) and how the...

Bunea, Mariana , Feleaga, Liliana Ionescu , Ionescu, Bogdan Stefan
The CEO characteristics and Romanian banks performance

The main objective of this research is to identify to what extent the characteristics of the CEO (chief executive officer) influence the financial performance of banks within the Romanian banking system. The sample under investigation includes all 21 Romanian banks, and the analyzed...