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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Naturalness and Artificiality Revisited Through Natural InfinityRomportl, Jan
2014Naturalness of artificial intelligenceRomportl, Jan
2004Naturalness of prosody modelsRomportl, Jan
2014Od kultury zpětné vazby ke kyberneticeRomportl, Jan
2006On building phonetically and prosodically rich speech corpus for text-to-speech synthesisMatoušek, Jindřich; Romportl, Jan
2010On the objectivity of prosodic phrasesRomportl, Jan
2016Polomnožiny a emergence v umělé inteligenciRomportl, Jan
2010A priori and a posteriori machine learning and nonlinear artificial neural networksZelinka, Jan; Romportl, Jan; Müller, Luděk
2008Prosodic phrases and semantic accents in speech corpus for czech TTS synthesisRomportl, Jan
2007Prosody modelling in czech text-to-speech synthesisRomportl, Jan; Kala, Jiří
2004Recent improvements on ARTIC: czech text-to-speech systemMatoušek, Jindřich; Romportl, Jan; Tihelka, Daniel; Tychtl, Zbyněk
2007Recording and annotation of speech corpus for czech unit selection speech synthesisMatoušek, Jindřich; Romportl, Jan
2003Sentence boundary detection in czech TTS system using neural networksRomportl, Jan; Tihelka, Daniel; Matoušek, Jindřich
2011Several aspects of machine-driven phrasing in text-to-speech systemsRomportl, Jan; Matoušek, Jindřich
2012Slovak unit-selection speech synthesis: creating a new slovak voice within a czech TTS system ARTICMatoušek, Jindřich; Tihelka, Daniel; Romportl, Jan; Psutka, Josef
2008Speech synthesis and emotions: a compromise between flexibility and believabilityZovato, Enrico; Romportl, Jan
2014Speech synthesis and uncanny valleyRomportl, Jan
2008Statistical evaluation of prosodic phrases in the czech languageRomportl, Jan
2008Statistical evaluation of reliability of large scale listening testsTihelka, Daniel; Romportl, Jan
2006Structural data-driven prosody model for TTS synthesisRomportl, Jan