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Zahradníková, Michaela
Postupné vlny pro bistabilní a monostabilní Fisher-Kolmogorovu rovnici s nespojitou difuzí závislou na hustotě

This thesis is devoted to the travelling wave solutions of the generalized Fisher-Kolmogorov equation with discontinuous density dependent diffusion that can degenerate or have singularities at equilibrium points. The reaction term is either bistable or monostable and it is a continuous, pos...

Lerchová, Barbora
Heterogenita třídy a její vliv na výuku hudební výchovy na 1. stupni ZŠ

The diploma thesis describes the attitudes of society and education towards human diversity in different historical epochs up to the present, focuses on the field of music eduation in the Czech territory and follows the work of music teachers in heterogeneous classrooms. This ...

Jolicoeur, Martina
Kulturní adaptace styčného důstojníka pro migraci a doklady během jeho působení v zahraničí

The primary objective of this research is about the problematic of acculturation of liaison officers who have been deployed in foreign countries. Whether they are able to adapt to the different living conditions and culture, especially in the short term period. Also how they a...

Dundálková, Kamila
Včelaření na Plzeňsku

The diploma thesis presents the results of field research of beekeepers in the Pilsen region. The theoretical part describes the history of beekeeping, pollination activities and the importance of honey bee breeding. In the practical part of the thesis I focus on the importance...

Jankovská, Milena
Léčba nádorů hrtanu

This bachelor thesis deals with the treatment of tumors of larynx. In the theoretical part we described the anatomy, clinical symptoms, epidemiology, risk factors, classification, dia-gnosis, but above all it is focused on the treatment of cancer of the larynx. The research part of...